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The association “Dançando Para não Dançar” has been making an import social work in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This project offers more than tausend of childs the oportunite to shape thier future better. For exemple, by providing free ballett classes, private lessons, medical treatment and many more benefits.


Since 19 years we have been supported by the sponsor Petrobrás but unfortunetely we cannot count on it any more in the near future. But we can’t stop this work…


Therefore, we require your support in order to continue the basic activities of our project and to keep in about 1500 childs beeing helped by the DPND.


With a donation of 10 € a month, you will help a child to have ballett classes and follow her dreams with a smille and brilliant eyes.

Keeping the legs in Pliés, we can avoid the violence in our country.

We belive in a different future!


Days of opened dours

Thuesdays and Thurdays

from 2:30 to 3:30 PM

Association’s Balletschool



Bank details for your donation


Agência: 2865-7
Agendamento de Débito Mensal, TED, Depósito Bancário ou Transferência


                                                                                   Association Dançando Para não Dançar

                                                                                   Frei Caneca street 139 – center – 20211-010

                                                                                   CNPJ: 02.859.970/0001-72

                                                                                   Tel.: +55 21 9 75279000