Exporting Talents

The work developed by Associação Dançando Para Não Dançar has acquired both national and international projection, with its students being offered scholarships from dance schools in Brazil and abroad, culminating with promising careers.


In 2000, students Bárbara Melo (Cantagalo) and Francisca Soares (Pavão-Pavãozinho) went to Germany to study at Staaliche Ballettschule Berlin. In 2001, student Márcia Freire (Cantagalo) had the chance to perfect her technique at Balé Nacional de Cuba, returning in 2003, while student Aline Oliveira (Mangueira) went to Cuba in the same year. Bárbara Melo had an outstanding performance at the Staaliche Ballettschule and got the leading parts at the company. After five years of specialization, she was hired as a solo dancer at Volkstheater Company, in Rostock, Germany, where she now lives.


Francisca Soares, another dancer of the Project, was also a ballet trainee for three years abroad and is now a graduate Dance student at Univercidade, aside from giving classes and dancing at the Project performances. Márcia Freire (Pavão-Pavãozinho), after her special studies in Cuba, was selected, together with student Júlio César, for Centro Cultural Ópera Brasil, of Fernando Bicudo. They went on tour throughout the country in 2003 with the show Terra Brasis. Márcia Freire is currently a dancer at Ballet Stagium, one of the most prestigious dance companies in Brazil.


In 2004, both Paulicéia Borges and Marcelle Monteiro, from the community of Mangueira, went to Staaliche Ballettschule Berlin, in Germany. Daiane Santos (Rocinha) followed them the year after. Paulicéia and Daiane are still studying at the German dance school.


Ingrid Silva, Marcelle Monteiro and Rômulo Binelo are specializing in Dance at Cia. Deborah Colker, a reference center for modern dance in Brazil.

Bárbara Freire